What is Coreculum?

A fitness equipment startup created by Dr. Jim Rickards, MD based out of Oregon. Our mission is to make fitness equipment that combines instructional exercise infographics with the product you need to perform them for a smarter and more effective workout.


What is the Coreculum Core Ball Complete?

The Core Ball Complete is our first product. It is an innovative medicine ball complete with 15 workout guides to strengthen and tone your entire body with a focus on the core. It is a workout tool and workout guide in one that enables you to hit all the major muscle groups.


How do I use the Core Ball?

Choose the exercise that you want to do from the 15 different infographic guides on the ball. Each exercise guide is labeled based on the body part that it focuses on (arms, legs, back or core) and includes a step-by-step breakdown of the movements and recommended reps and sets. Choose one exercise to focus on a specific body part or choose multiple to get a full body workout.


What kind of workout can I get from using the ball?

Strength training and toning to create lean muscle mass for your arms, legs, back, and core in 30 mins or less.


How much does the ball weigh?

6, 8, 0r 10 lbs.



What is the Core Ball made of?

A durable, rubberized hard shell material.


Who can use the Core Ball? 

Beginners to advanced athletes can use the ball to get fit or improve fitness or be challenged in a new way.


Why is the Core Ball unique?

We’ve spent 4 years developing a workout tool that’s smarter and easier to use. It is the only fitness equipment that combines the workout device and workout instructions into one for a full body tool focused on the core.


Where can I purchase the Core Ball? 

The Core Ball Complete is available for pre-order HERE.


When can I get my Core Ball? 

We just got funded on Kickstarter and now the Core Ball is going to manufacturing. The first Core Balls will be available by June 2016.


What is your refund policy?

If you would like a refund, contact JRickards@Coreculum.com within 30 days of purchase. 


Does Coreculum offer other products? 

The Core Ball Complete is our first product. In the future, we plan to offer yoga mats, balance balls and more that all have smart curriculum based workouts integrated into their design.


How can I become a part of launching Coreculum?

Sign up HERE to receive updates on the launch and how you can get involved.