Start Living Today

"We should all start to live before we get too old" - Marilyn Monroe. It's going to happen, right? We're going to wake up and wonder where the time went. As I move into mid-life, it's been on my mind lately. There's so much we want to do. How can we squeeze it all in?

Two simple thoughts on this. One simple solution.

First, make the most out of your life by staying fit and healthy. Without our bodies, we're relegated to being casual observers and can't take part in many of the activities we love.

Second, increase your life span so you have more time do to what you want, this of course relies on staying fit and healthy too.

I developed Coreculum to provide a simple tool to keep our bodies functioning and allow us to live the lives we want. See the Core Ball Complete HERE and get yours to start living TODAY!

Contact me at with questions. I look forward to your feedback and thoughts. 

Thanks for your support.  Let's get fit! 


Dr. Jim Rickards, M.D.