What Exercise Equipment Is Ideal For The Home Gym?

What should I use to workout with at home? What equipment gives me the most options to reach my fitness goals? Questions we all ask ourselves, friends and trainers. 

Home gyms should be affordable, compact, and approachable.  Affordable because expensive equipment will probably never be purchased by most of us. Compact because we don't want to dedicate half of our house to unsightly equipment. Approachable meaning we aren't intimidated by the equipment and we know how to use it.  

There are a number of simple, easy to use, compact and affordable classic devices which can provide great workouts. For instance, the medicine ball. Its been around for centuries. Gladiators used them to train for battle. 

The problem is most of us aren't gladiators. We don't know how to use these devices at even a portion of their potential. The knowledge is locked inside the device, but Coreculum unlocks this knowledge by placing infographics on the surface of its products to clearly show how to exercise with them.

The original Core Ball Complete offers a fresh, intelligent look for the classic medicine ball. It's everything you need for a complete home gym in one device - Affordable, Compact and Approachable! Even a Gladiator would use it. 

If you're interested in the Core Ball Complete or our plans to launch on Kickstarter in mid-July, contact me at JRickards@Coreculum.com or sign up for an exclusive 30% off before we launch. 


Dr. Jim Rickards, M.D.