No Personal Trainers or Classes Needed

When you go to a gym, you see lots of fitness equipment scattered about, such as medicine balls, yoga mats, and kettlebells to name a few. Take for example a medicine ball. You can literally perform hundreds of different exercises with it. However, if you don't have the knowledge of how to do these exercises, a trainer to show you, or instant access to pictures of the exercises, the equipment has limited value. 

I'm working to solve this problem so you always know how to get a great workout. 

I started Coreculum with the mission to make fitness equipment smarter, easier to use and more effective. To do this, we create exercise equipment with infographics on the surface of the products to show you how to perform a variety of exercises to get a great workout. These exercises are performed independently to focus on a specific muscle group or body part, or they are performed together for a full body workout. 

The first piece of equipment that we've created is the Core Ball Complete. Shown above. It provides an entire full body workout with one piece of equipment. You work through each exercise pictured in an infographic on the ball and perform the recommended number of reps. Below are two infographics each showing a movement, proper form, reps and sets. 

Never again, do we have to search out a trainer for help or juggle a mobile device while working out. Simply look at the device for clear instruction. This results in an efficient workout regime you can start from the moment you pick up a Coreculum device.

If you have questions or comments on our mission or the Core Ball Complete, contact me at


Dr. Jim Rickards, M.D.